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Bestselling Author | Entrepreneur | Identity Raiser & Avatar Maker | Creative Director | Storyteller | Public Speaker | Futurist

If J.K. Rowling and Sherlock Holmes had a child it would be Costantino Roselli. He combines elements nobody sees, to raise the brand identity you never thought was there and he creates a story about your brand people are dying to hear.

Linkedin ranks him among the 2% of people in the Marketing industry, and his name dominates the first three pages of Google. 

His book ‘Million Dollar Chest’ became a best seller in 2 weeks and was nominated for the fastest new entry in fiction stories on personal growth.

Costantino is behind the success of many known brands and products that you might be wearing, holding in your hand, using in your daily life or parking in your garage.

He holds two masters on Digital Marketing and Leadership, a bachelor in Computer Science and over 21 certificates on Branding, Management of Fashion & Luxury Brands, Marketing, Leadership, Personal Development, Communication, Growth Hacking Marketing, Human Psychology, Human-Technology Interaction and Human Resources. 

He challenges himself to read 100 books a year, he loves snow, red wine, fast cars, and Art as he believes that the future of humanity belongs to artists of any form.

He is founder & CEO of the branding agency, Weird Authentic People, co-founder of a new media art, the VVV Group and member of “The Infinite Club”, a private club.


In those last decades I have worked closely with more than a hundred owners of brands and I have delivered several campaigns, implemented many workshops in a number of companies and given speeches in conferences. At the same time, I carried out a research with my team about the future of the markets and the customers’ behaviour.

What we conclude is not for everybody. Nt because I would like to keep the secret to myself but because I believe that information should be free while deep knowledge should have a price for us to value it properly. And in my case I value it the price of a coffee.

So here is the deal. Buy me a coffee and I will tell you everything that I’m learning working and networking with people and brands around the world. What my mentors taught me and what mistakes I did, the lessons I’ve learned and how you can avoid them. 

Buy me a coffee and I will give you access to this exclusive list of the few people who dive into my mind and sart a conversation in the form of a monthly letter full of valuable knowledge, true action by my venture in Branding, Entrepreneurship in Art, Fashion and Lifestyle.

This is a 1 – 1 mentorship and more.


Hire Me For A Speech

“Costantino is not just present; he performs and narrates stories that make you say please give me more!” – Stephanie Meyer

Costantino’s keynotes to entrepreneurs and marketers who want to move the needle forward, on Identity Raising (Creating Avatars in the Multiverse), Branding & Storytelling in the Experience Economy.

Private Workshops on selected businesses who want to lead and succeed in the next decade, on Mastering the Art of Storytelling and Identity Raising (the Rise of Avatars).

Learn how the future will appear in the upcoming years and how to lead you and your brand to success.





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Boutique Selective Branding Agency

In Weird Authentic People we declare war with mediocrity.

We declare war with mediocrity because it stands between you and your true identity, your art, preventing you from creating and delivering your masterpieces to your audience.

Mediocrity is the disease that makes your brand bleed, your dreams stay that way, transforing you in a puppet in the hands of a system that doesn’t care about why you built your business in the first place, what you want to offer to people, how much you care about them.

Mediocrity wins every time you say “I just want a website, nothing more”, “Just do your magic and sell more”, “It’s just another product, why do you care so much”.

Well, we care…

Best Seller ‘Million Dollar Chest’

Million Dollar Chest is the fiction story of a beggar who decided to grab an opportunity and make it happen.

“I believe that each one of us is born a hunter, a conquerer and is immortal. As we grow up we learnt that we should obey the rules, that there is only one way to live and that we are not immortal. And that has led us to become beggars. We are begging for a job, for a degree, for love, for friendship, for health, for everything. The time we realise that we are born hunters, conquerers and immortal, will be the time we recognise that it’s not the opportunity that makes us succeed but our mindset.” – Costantino Roselli




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