A short bio...

He has dedicated his life to inspiring and helping people create successful brands around their talents and live their desired life.

By building his own brands first, he acquired the knowledge and developed the right platforms to help others do the same.

His branding agency, just in the first year of its existence, helped over 20 brands step out of the crowd sharing their unique story successfully. His workshop “We Want You To Lead” has changed, in just 2 years, the life of more than 600 individuals for the better.

Costantino believes that everyone has a voice, a talent, a message to share in the world. And we need to find it out, protect it and deliver it to the world in the right way. It is our obligation to humanity.

“Each one of us has unique talents to share, but most of us are born and die with the music still inside us. We need to change this and my own contribution is to help us with this transformation.”

He is a passionate learner and an unstoppable doer. Born Greek-Italian, he never felt he belongs to a single country. His philosophy is that people are meant to travel, explore, discover, connect with people, to learn different approaches and ideas. By doing this they will become more open, more flexible and they will increase their choices, therefore they will have the biggest chances to create an outstanding life.

He is a member of 100Mentors, Seth Godin’s Leadership community, Robin Sharma’s Change Makers community, Journey Personal Development community and Allilonet for Greeks in the world.

Costantino is also co-founder & CEO of the Branding Agency Weird Authentic people with the aim to help small brands get noticed through their unique message, co-founder of ‘Grow Like an Artist’ workshop with the aim to help employees acquire leader’s mindset and use the right tools to lead in their field founder of ‘cause a change’ movement with the aim to help people pick themselves, build their own culture and lead their tribe to change the world for the better.