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My story…



The dancing girl


When I was young, around 20, on a planet far away from this (meaning there wasn’t internet, iPhones or wifi), I didn’t know what I wanted to do but for sure I saw the world from a different point of view compared to the people around me.


One night in a club I started a conversation with a friend about what to do with your life. She had studied mathematics but she was a ballet dancer and loved it. I could see how much she loved to dance because it had taken her 1 minute to tell me that she had studied maths and the rest of the time she spoke about dancing. And while she did her face was glowing, she smiled like never before and her eyes sparkled.


Just before leaving the club I told her “If I were you, I would start working in a minor job only to have the money to survive and I would dedicate my life to what I love the most. To be a remarkable dancer!”


She laughed at me and we said goodbye.


It was the last time I was seeing her for a long time.

The speech


20 years later, I was finalizing my expatriation promotion I had been hunting for years. The last two days, with 14 interviews to convince people that I could do my work, were exhausting but finally I was really happy to have made it! I was also excited because the same evening I would attend the event for the launching of one of Peter Hinssen’s book, a person who changed my life that night.


When I saw Peter on stage speaking about everything that I was thinking, in the special way he put sentences and images on what I had been thinking for ages, I crashed on my chair. I realized that all I wanted in life was to be on stage having that gift to put in order people’s thoughts. Speaking in words and creating images on what they already have in their heads but they don’t even know that it exists.


The very day of my extreme happiness turned to a day of sadness as I felt empty, hollow, with no purpose in what I did at work.


Two months later, I was attending my brother’s wedding. I was sitting on a table a bit isolated as I was holding my 4 months baby son in my arms, when someone touched my shoulder. When I turned, I saw my friend. The mathematician who loved to dance. A beautiful smile on her face, she hadn’t changed much from how I remembered her 20 years ago.


She told me “I would like to thank you for what you told me that night. You were right, so thank you!”. I stood there, staring at her no move or word to speak. ‘Listen,’ she went on “My play is in theatres next summer, call me whenever you want to come to see it with your wife”, she smiled and she left.


When I returned home that night, I put my son in bed, sat next to him and I cried. I took out my laptop and started writing and I never stopped writing from that moment nor will I ever do it in the future.
Two years after that event I left the corporate paradise. It was a snowy February day. I went out in the cold, looked at the sky and closed my eyes taking a deep breath of freedom as I felt the moist of the snowflakes on my cheeks. I will never forget that moment of freedom. As I will never forget the dancing girl.


You see, I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe in a kind of karma life. That when you do something it will return back to you in a way. Also, I believe that if you are meant for something the universe in one way or another will communicate it to you. It’s a matter of how blind you are, how deaf you are to not see it or hear it.


And that is a story of how everything I am and I do started. And what I do is that I deliberate myself doing exactly what I love to do, successfully. I write my books, I deliver training bootcamps and workshops, and I build brands and help them grow. I started helping people because when I was at the beginning of this new journey in my life I searched and found people that helped me too. So, I help people pick themselves, too and do the work they are meant to do.


I hope my story helps you, but most of all I hope it triggers you to take action and start working on your dreams. And if you don’t know how to start or you believe you are alone in this, you can always contact me.

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Short bio

Costantino believes you have a message to deliver and that there are people who are looking for this message and will never find it if you don’t start communicating it.


His expertise is to identify your message (your calling, your ID, your true self, call it as you may), build a brand around it to make it remarkable and help you deliver it step by step to the people who are looking for it. To the audience who is searching for you.


To do this he combines the knowledge, skills and expertise he acquired in the past years on personal development, branding and growth hacking. This lethal combination has allowed him to build a killing platform that helps people live their lives like a pro.


With his workshop “We Want You to Lead” he has helped hundreds of people find their calling and transformed it into a brand, helped them to build a prosperous business and a happy, fulfilling life around it.


Now he comes with “Pick Yourself”, a brand new workshop, to help people discover their true calling, build their tribe around it and lead to cause a change.


Costantino is the best selling author of the motivational book “Million Dollar Chest”, co-founder & CEO of the Brand building & growth hacking agency, Weird Authentic People, co-founder of the Grow like an artist platform with the aim to create growth & linchpin mindset in corporate teams, co-founder and instructor in the Business of Fashion Academy, and founder of the Raise the leadership of the future project.