Challenge the status quo

The pirates are ruthless, ugly and want to take over your ship. And authorities are here to ensure our safety and security.

But not in the movies.

In the movies everything is opposite.

In movies, the pirate is skillful; he lives in freedom, has high values and is usually played by the most notorious actor.

And the ship they take over is not yours.

Quick question, do you know the name of the Royal Navy commodore in Pirates of the Caribbean or you need to search in IMDB?

But you know very well that the notorious pirate is called Jack Sparrow and the actor is Johnny Depp. You know his name, his funny moves and a couple of his clever lines.

The pirate is cool and the navy commander is boring.

But all of those things are in the movie.

And you are not in the movie, you are just sitting on a chair in a theatre.

The plot is on the screen. It doesn’t affect you.

For two hours the outlaw is your hero and the standard army is not the enemy but worst…it’s nobody.

Normal is boring. Challenge makes the blood run in your veins reminding you you’re alive.

Normal is what you do every day. You follow the rules, perform everything your boss says but is boring, perpetuating the same unchangeable life.

And you want to be that pirate. You want to be cool, to know how to respond fast, to be brave.

You want to break the rules at least once in your life and with a magical trick make everything go according to your plan.

But this will never happen.

Nobody will give you this reassurance. Nobody will give you the authority to take that risk.

You can’t be provocative without being a threat to the system; to challenge the status quo and violate a cultural law.

But to do this you need to take responsibility. You have to stand up from your seat in the luxury theatre and be the pirate on the screen.

And the moment you will do this is the moment you will find yourself on the spot.

And you have to do it with a purpose. Just like in the movies; to save the girl, save humanity, cause a change and improve people’s life.

The choice is yours and it always will be.

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Here, I made this for you, take it

The finest moment of creation is not when you deliver what you’ve created, it’s the moment you spend creating it.

A series of moments.

Because those are the moments you strive for your art. The moments that your passion for excellence shapes your art.

And as you go deeper, you consider the moment you will show it to the crowd.

The picture in your mind makes you put more effort in your creation.

The celebration of success. The people shaking hands with you and make you feel proud. The music, the venue, the speech!

Oh, yes, the speech. You start playing in your mind what you will say to people who will come to admire your creation.

The tension skyrockets and before you even realize it you are done.

And you proudly deliver it.

But there are no celebrations; no shaking hands and the worst of all, there is no speech.

At this very moment, you’re standing in front of this fork road. You are called to decide whether to give up or to continue doing your art.

To tell you the truth, the easy part is to give up. You want to live like everyone else. You see people around you laughing, having friends, chit-chatting, sharing silly jokes and they seem so happy. You want to be a part of it.

You want to belong somewhere.

But you will never be happy.

Because you are not like them. You have to move on with your art.

You have to forgive them for not understanding you and forgive yourself because you didn’t deliver what you had promised to yourself.

You’re alone.

In a world where everything is the same the easy part is to do what others do and be ignored for the rest of your life.

The hard part is to stand in front of the people saying “Here, I made this for you, take it” without being embarrassed when the people ignore you.

But there are people waiting for you. People who get bored of the same stuff again and again.

People who don’t buy the illusion of safety and who are waiting for your art to connect with it.

You owe to those people. Find them and lead them. They are waiting for you.

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Do things that matter

The world is changing.

The people are changing.

Women are not waiting to get dressed in white. They don’t even want to have a wedding anymore.

Men don’t wait for the bachelor party to make a hangover. Actually, they wait for it as a night to stay sober.

Traditional has become a daily habit and habit is boring.

We don’t need another photo of kittens on Facebook to feel emotional or another wedding to celebrate.

We don’t need a school classroom to teach our kids ‘cause they learn through the Internet faster and deeper.

Do you have something new and interesting to say?

Do you have an interesting project to do?

Do you really want the same report every month? Or you need just a paper to hold walking in the corridor office-to-office showing you’re busy?

People don’t need your job; they just want to do things that matter. They want to contribute, offer, be challenged, get involved, be inspired and leave something back that makes sense.

They don’t want to help you take a promotion; they want to help make the world a better place.

Are you part of that movement or you are sitting behind a desk and a title?

Does your team read this post aloud to get inspired or you’re reading it alone walking in the corridor holding a piece of paper?

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Building a brand vs business as usual

Your brand is like a building.

All buildings are built with similar products but they come in different shapes.

Behind every shape, there is an architect who at some point was holding a brick thinking what to do with it.

You can build a prison or a school, a wall that separates cultures or a bridge to connect them, a war camp, a hospital, a temple, an art school and many more.

It’s not about the skills of making the bricks stand together. It’s about the change you want to cause with what you are doing.

You can build something to just fill the gap and fight to keep that position. Or you can build something that challenges the status quo.

Do you think that Harley Davidson cares much about the evolution of how fast the bike can go?

Harley cares more about delivering what it promises to its tribe, and that is freedom.

You can build another building and compete on prices or you can ignore the competition and connect people under your art.

The question is not if you have the skills to make art but how far you want to go with it.

What is the impact you want to cause with it?

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The water is the point

When you are shipwrecked you fight with the sea and do everything to hold on something that will keep you on the surface.

You find a small stick that keeps you alive. You hold on it for a second to catch your breath and then you start fighting again to find something more stable.

And you find a bigger stick you can ride on. And you stop fighting for more.

The only thing you do from that moment and on is to look at the horizon for a big ship and keep your legs out of the water.

But you were in the water a moment before and now even a single drop makes you feel uncomfortable.

By spending your time keeping yourself dry you miss the opportunity to find a bigger branch, or to put together some pieces of wood to build a small raft. You miss the opportunity to have fun with the waves and swim with the dolphins.

Of course it is dangerous and maybe there are sharks around there. And maybe a storm is coming that will create bigger waves, ones you can’t handle.

But the giant white shark doing nothing else in its life than waiting for you to be shipwrecked, making circles showing his fin and terrifying you exists only in your mind!

Avoiding putting your leg in the water doesn’t keep you safe. Hoping that a ship will pass by doesn’t keep you safe.

There is no such thing as complete safety, it is only an illusion.

The water is the point. Putting yourself in the water will make your skills better, will craft your character and will give you a cause to fight for.

The water is the point.

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An authentic story is most important than an original one.

In September 2012, Amanda Palmer came with an authentic story disrupting how artists did business until then with music labels.

Her way to deliver the story, though, wasn’t original as Bob Dylan had used the same way to tell his story about the Don’t look back concert tour back in 1965.

Both were great, authentic stories and had gloriously achieved their goal.

Trying to be original may paralyse you only to eventually realize that as none of the million ideas you have brought to the table were original the same will happen to the next million.

Authenticity, on the other hand comes in many forms. When you connect with your brand message, you find out a lot of unoriginal ideas could work for you.

Should you disagree, I’m sure that if you search you will find out that not even Bob Dylan was the first.

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Is your life interesting enough?

In 1994 Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world bought Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebook for $30.8 millions and that made it the most valuable manuscript in the world.

How much money do you think your notebook will be worth after 500 years?

Of Leonardo's 30 scientific journals, the Codex may be the most famous of all.

Do you think that it became more famous because its content was more important than the others?

You are writing your notebook as you are moving with your life in time. Yes, you do. Even if you want to hide it, it’s there. It’s full of your experiences, memories and things that you have done and are very important for you.

Type it on paper or hide it in your brain, it’s there. To make it popular and make you famous you need to find someone to purchase it for $30 millions after 500 years.

Is your life that interesting to be worth that sum?

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Does your theory of life make you happy?

Does having a particular theory about life help you be a better person? Does this theory help you be happier?

Most people say ‘I’m not happy, but this is life’, which is wrong. The right sentence is ‘I’m not happy but this is life as I choose to believe it is’.

The difference between a happy life and an unhappy one is the choice we make. And to make a different choice we need to just ask ourselves ‘what if’.

What if I change the route I go to work every morning?

What if I choose to cook a different kind of dish than the usual one?

What if I choose to pay for a Ferrari test drive even if I can’t afford one?

Because the ‘what ifs’ lead us to expand our perspective adding more experience in the field which may change the choices we make.

A mom holding her baby passes by of a shop window full of elegant shoes but she doesn't stop as she used to do in the past. Those shoes are not for her because now she is mom and she can’t possibly balance on those heels while running after a small child.

But what if she decided to stop at this shop window and have a look at those shoes without thinking to buy them or not. What if she stopped thinking ‘those shoes are not for me’ and she just looked at them and created the story?

A story of what she should do if she wore those shoes?

Where could those shoes walk her?

And what if at the time when she created the story she decided to start dancing lessons?

Everything we believe is just a theory in our mind. The question is “Does this theory makes us happy?”

If you can ask this question to yourself and avoid any excuse on the answer ,then you will start thinking to change that theory.

You will start noticing things you never did before and you will start wondering ‘what if’.

By thinking ‘what if’ we allow ourselves to build a different story about what life is. A story that may lead us make different choices.

If we will make or not those choices is a different story.

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A story…

…a fairytale we all want to be true.

In the magic moment of cinema, we believe in that story.Read more

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How would you treat kids if you knew they would change the world when they grew up?

When you enter a classroom to teach kids you are standing in front of a crossroad.

One option is to see the opportunity to teach those students your best in order for them to become the best person in society.

On the other hand you can put names on those young faces. The next Ayrton Senna, Steve Jobs, Mahatma Gandhi, Lady Gaga, Pablo Picasso, you name it.

If you see them in that way, what would you do? What would you say if you met Steve Jobs when he was young, well before he came across the idea of changing the world with his products and philosophy?

Would you teach him to comply with society? Would you teach Picasso that cubes are only for constructions and that he should choose another field, as he can’t manage well with paint?

When you send your sons to war do you think you are saving your country or that you are missing the opportunity to save the world?

Your son who studied medicine could be the one to discover the cure for cancer and save millions. But you take his book away and gave him a gun instead.

What you are killing isn’t your enemy but humanity.

It’s not about your right or wrong perception of life; it’s about their options in life.

It’s about what you want to see when you stand in front of kids. You can see the world as it is in your mind or their opportunities of building a better one even beyond your imagination.

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