Million Dollar Chest

by Costantino Roselli

The motivational local best seller is here internationally in a powerful 2nd edition.


We are born to shine, be free, create amazing things that would help others and ourselves to have an outstanding life. So, why are we becoming beggars, begging for crumbles and waiting for someone to help us?


♦ Find the courage to follow an incredibly ridiculous idea.

♦ Follow whatever you fear the most and find your true self.

♦ Learn the skills you need to get you further.

♦ Connect with the right people.

♦ Grab the opportunity to win the million dollar chest.

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“This book’s message is not only powerful, but also absolutely timeless. Every self-made man will be overwhelmed and moved just as I was.”

Stefan Nad
EBCG, Co-Founder & Managing Director

“Honestly one of the most interesting stories that I‘ve read in my life with details that make you feel part of it. I am confident that this book will help a lot of people see the world from another point of view. I wish from the bottom of my heart, God to give Costantino the power to fulfill his vision and help thousands of people have happiness, joy and freedom!”

George S. Georgiou
International Marketing Director, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker

“A book that will inspire everyone who will reads it to change their life! It is written from the writer’s heart with the aim to teach and amuse us at the same time. This book is made to touch our hearts.”

Nicolas Smyrnakis
Author - Success Coach - Founder of IslandofMan

“A beautiful story that will inspire for sure a lot of people. What impressed me the most is that when you start reading the book you can’t stop till you finish it. Through this story you can see how your life can change in seconds just by taking a decision. Excellent quotes at the end of each chapter. Congratulations!”

Stavros Zenonos
International Marketing Director, Entrepreneur, Speaker

“A story so true and so close to our human nature. Everyone was born for greatness but there is always something holding us back. Through the words of this book I realise the power that everyone has inside. You need only a small sparkle to live the dream. Congratulations!”

Harris Kladis
Marketing Director, Entrepreneur, Speaker