Forget the bomb and tell us a story

The thing is attracting attention. And today, more than ever, this is hard.

And the easy way is to create a service, find a product or develop a product and then start advertising to people. The more money you have the more people you disturb, interrupt and annoy.

Think of yourself. When you click a great headline to read the article but suddenly ad pop-ups appear asking permission to you for something, what do you do? How do you feel and react?

When you are in the middle of a youtube video and suddenly an ad interrupts it what do you do?

Bombs attract attention but stories create movements.

And making a bomb is easy. You connect cables following certain steps. Making stories on the other hand is hard. Because you have to tell something that connects people with what you do emotionally.

Instead of throwing bombs it is better to learn how to tell a story about why we have to pay attention to what you do.

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Costantino Roselli
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