Generosity and art is all you need for success

I tried to find out how she is earning for all that information she shares for free on her website.

I’m not buying it, there must be a catch.

But there’s not.

For months now, she has been delivering free information on how to make a profitable business online for free.

This information is so good that you don’t need to pay any course to learn something more.

The truth is that she is earning trust, credibility, relationships, our own connections and many more.

Money used to be the currency in the industrial economy; but now in the connection economy, all of the above is the currency.

And because of her artistic job and generosity she deserves all the ‘money’ in the world.

Two things:

  1. In the beginning I had a question: ‘what if everybody copies this model?’ The answer is you can’t. In the industrial economy people were able to copy systems but those systems were emotionally detached. In the connection economy you need to make art and be generous. Do you believe this is easy for everyone?
  2. You think that I’m gaining something by advertising her remarkable job. The truth is I’m not. I don’t even know her. Take it as an example of what generosity means. As for the art part, I have no bullet points for it. There, you are your own.
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