“You can’t beat the system but you can ignore it. And when you ignore it you can rewrite the rules of the game you want to play.”


Costantino speaks about Leadership, Brand Building and Personal Branding in connection economy.


His keynotes have the aim to help people pick themselves, identify their talents and build a successful brand around them.


He help also organizations to become valuable brands with loyal customers and lead on their field.


You can book Costantino for your next conference or a customized event.


Pick Yourself – We want you to lead


The novel you want to write, that song you want to play, this dance you want to dance, this business you want to run, those things you want to say, guess what, you can do them! There is nobody between you and the stage you want to stand anymore. You don’t need anyone’s permission. And even better there is an audience looking for what you have to say. They are waiting for you to lead them. The only thing you have to do is to pick yourself instead of waiting for someone to pick you.


On this presentation, Costantino will show you what it needs to break all the barriers that keep you back into picking yourself and doing the work you are meant to do. He will show you why people, now more than ever, are looking for you to lead them. After this presentation the way you will see your job, your business, your life will never be the same.


Are you ready to lead us?


Buy-ology – What makes people buy from you?


Do you ever thought that maybe whatever you bought, or whatever you dream to buy is not exactly your decision? Ok, don’t terrify, it is yours, but something, that we call it branding, push you on one decision instead of another. Why you prefer Coca Cola instead of Pepsi, why the worst motorcycle is the most preferable, why you fight a war at the time you want peace? Don’t you ever thought why all the pharmacy stores smell the same, and from where that comes the smell of leather seats in your car? Why Ferrari comes to your mind when you thing speed and Mercedes when you thing safe? What if I tell you that in fact they are the opposite?


If you think that you buy because you choose you are right. But we, branders, are the people who put the elements in that order to choose.


If you are Marketer or Brander you have to learn how people really decide to buy and how to play that game too.


Are you ready to learn how this is happen?


Be a SuperHero


Every one hides a superhero inside them. The reason you don’t see it is first because you don’t believe you have it and second because your thoughts on your capabilities are limited. It’s time to stop hiding, to put your suit on, make some noise getting yourself out there and helping the world become a better place.


On this presentation Costantino will show you how to recognize your superhero ID and what it takes to create your superhero persona. Your part of the deal is to clean the streets from the bad guys!


Are you ready to find your superhero ID?

“Costantino makes you want to change and take decisions leading you in success. It gives you the confidence to do it.”


– Melissa Simons

Serial Entrepreneur & Investor


Costantino is a Greek-Italian raised in a multicultural environment. He is studied computer science and digital marketing. He started as an IT specialist in the Pharmaceutical global industry reaching the point of International director in IT Marketing, leading projects around the world. But the corporate industrial structured environment couldn’t keep him anymore.


After 16 years, he decided to leave behind a wealthy sad zone and redesign his life. As he had understood very early the transformation of the business world from industrialism to connection economy, he started reading and studying from scratch using as tools his experience and knowledge in technology.


His journey brought him to offer unpaid work in marketing teams in projects for huge brands like Ferrari and Red Bull, only to make his own research and case studies.


Costantino now holds a bachelor in Computer Science and two masters in Branding and Leadership as well as more than 20 certifications in Human Psychology, Fashion and Luxury Management, Branding & Marketing, Technology in Connection economy and Cultural Changing.
Costantino is the best selling author of the motivational book “Million Dollar Chest”, co-founder & CEO of the Brand building & growth hacking agency, Weird Authentic People, co-founder & Instructor of the Grow Like an Artist platform with the aim to create growth & linchpin mindset in corporate teams, co-founder and instructor in the Business of Fashion Academy, and co-founder of the Fashion Services platform, Ready For Fashion Show.


He is a motivational speaker inspiring people to change, lead, innovate, think, act out of the box and create their own business therefore redesigning their lives.


He is a storyteller, he guides his audience through authentic stories, facts and workshops based on research, his books and his direct experience from his own career.


Costantino speaks about Leadership, Brand Building and Creativity in the so called connection economy era. The transition ages we are living from an industrial economy to a completely new way of living. His speeches have the aim to inspire and motivate people take the lead of their life and create their own path of success.


He believes that every one has a message to deliver and when they find it, they have to create a brand name around it and communicate it to the world with the only purpose to make it a better place.


His “We Want you to lead” seminar has helped thousands to take action and start their own career successfully in their field.



“A book that changed my life!”


– Marina Kaffe
Sectorial Translator & Professional Italian Language Tutor